Cypres Control Unit Re-location
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Tuesday, January 11, 1994
Affected containers: 

Last several months we have become aware of a number of Cypres units installed in Flexon container systems that have become inoperative. Upon examination by Airtec, the manufacturer of the Cypres, it has come to light that the control unit cable has failed adjacent to where it enters the control unit itself. It was our theory that this was a result of the installation peculiar to the Flexon. The Flexon and '94 Talon both route the control unit over the shoulder and mount it adjacent to the inside of the right 3-Ring location. The control unit is held in place with a small band of elastic. It was originally thought that because the elastic covers part of the display window, when turning on and calibrating the Cypres, the user was pushing the control upward to expose the display window. In doing so, the cable was being flexed just above the control unit. Enough of this flexing eventually resulted in the cable failing. Continuing investigations have revealed however that additional Cypres units have developed problems with the control unit cable in locations other than adjacent to the control unit. Because of these new developments, Rigging Innovations feels that the cable used on the Cypres will not withstand the normal flex and manipulation experienced by the Flexon style installation. Accordingly, we have redesigned the mounting of the control unit to preclude these problems.

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