Service bulletin: Antron Fabric Weave Separation

 Inspect any Talon or Flexon that falls within the serial number list for any sign of fabric weave separation or de-lamination of the urethane coating on the inside of the fabric. Any containers that show signs of either problem must be returned to the manufacturer for disposition.

 See the service bulletin file for more information.

Service bulletin: Cypres Control Unit Re-location

Last several months we have become aware of a number of Cypres units installed in Flexon container systems that have become inoperative. Upon examination by Airtec, the manufacturer of the Cypres, it has come to light that the control unit cable has failed adjacent to where it enters the control unit itself. It was our theory that this was a result of the installation peculiar to the Flexon. The Flexon and '94 Talon both route the control unit over the shoulder and mount it adjacent to the inside of the right 3-Ring location. The control unit is held in place with a small band of elastic.

Service bulletin: 3-Ring Hard Housing Retrofit

 In recent months there have been reports of hard pulls during cutaways. In researching this further we have found that we have not always been able to duplicate the hard pull on the ground. We believe that this is due to the aerodynamics of the malfunction such as severe spinning contributing to the pull force. At the same time we have found that most of the Talons and Flexons do not exhibit the hard pull syndrome. However, as a service to our customers, RI has developed a retrofit of hard housings for those who wish to modify their systems.

Service bulletin: Argus AAD approval - Cancelled

All users of an Aviacom Argus equipped Rigging Innovations harness and container system should remove the Argus AAD from their system, prior to making ANY further jumps with the system.

See the service bulletin file for more information.

Service bulletin: MarS M2 AAD approval

RI harness and container systems listed in the service bulletin may be assembled with the MarS M2, by a certificated and appropriately ratedFAA master or senior parachute rigger or foreign equivalent.