Properly fit and adjust your harness

To adjust the harness, you start by connecting the chest strap but leave it very, very loose. Bend over at the waist and pull the container high on your back, then tighten the leg straps while remaining bent over. Make them tight! You should have difficulty putting a hand between the leg strap and your leg. Finally stand straight and tighten the chest strap.

Proper harness fit is very important as a loose harness will not fit or function properly. Like a seatbelt in a car, if you place the shoulder strap behind you to be more comfortable, the seatbelt is only partially effective.

Send us these four pictures

These pictures, with the harness properly adjusted, will allow us to better know what can be done.

  1. From the front, standing straight
  2. From a 45 degree angle to your right, standing straight but placing your right hand on the bottom of the container similar to when you pull.
  3. From the side with the same body position as #2
  4. From a 45 degree angle to your right from behind, standing straight and placing your right arm across your chest like your arm is broken and in a sling.