Service Bulletins (SB)

RI has made extensive use of the Parachute Industry Association’s Service Bulletin Format over the years. Sandy Reid, President of RI, is also the Chairman of the PIA Technical committee, which is tasked with drafting such procedures, and drafted the Service Bulletin format. 

Contrary to commonly held belief, the issuance of a Service Bulletin on a product does not mean that it is defective or dangerous. The issuance of a Service Bulletin is designed to provide owners and riggers with advisory and safety bulletins regarding their equipment. The format of the bulletin is short, concise, and standardized so that the rigger or owner can immediately identify the information and level of compliance called for. 

The PIA Service Bulletin format provides for 5 different levels of compliance. They start at the lowest or advisory level and progress upward in importance depending on the nature of the information the manufacturer needs to convey:

  • Advisory
  • Optional
  • Recommended
  • Mandatory
  • Grounding

Most of the Service Bulletins issued by RI are advisory in nature and designed to keep owners up to date on changes to their equipment. 

Visit the listing of RI's service bulletins

Product modification procedures (PMPs)

RI has designed and uses an additional format to convey any specialized modification procedures to support its Service Bulletin program. Many times the Service Bulletin calls out certain procedures or changes necessary to comply with the Service Bulletin. By keeping the required or suggested procedures separate, the owner or rigger can first make the determination as to whether the Service Bulletin applies to their equipment, if it does, they may then use the PMP to comply with the Service Bulletin. The format of both the Service Bulletin and the PMPs are cross-referenced to each other for easy identification. 

If you as the owner or rigger have any questions concerning the Service Bulletin or PMP format, please contact RI for further information.

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Alterations/Major Repairs

Rigging Innovations does NOT authorize alterations to any RI harness & container system. Alterations must be made by the manufacturer. Major repairs must be made either by RI, a designated RI Service Center, or an appropriately rated and certificated FAA rigger or foreign equivalent. For further info or clarification, contact Rigging Innovations at 520.466.2655 or email: 

Rigger Qualifications

To pack and maintain Rigging Innovations parachute systems, the FAA Senior or Master Rigger or Foreign equivalent must possess a BACK rating endorsement to his or her certificate. Since these systems are certified only with square reserve parachutes, the rigger should be appropriately trained to pack ram-air parachutes prior to certifying the product for emergency use. 

FAR Part 65.127 ( ) No certificated parachute rigger may:

  • (e) Pack, maintain or alter a parachute in any manner that deviates from the procedures approved by the administrator OR the manufacturer of the parachute; or
  • (f) Exercise the privileges of his certificate and type rating unless he understands the current manufacturer's instructions for the operation involved.

        ANYONE who circumvents Rigging Innovations Inc. instructions is in violation of FAR Part 65.127 and is, therefore, performing an illegal procedure.