For service on your equipment, please complete the SERVICE REQUEST FORM and email it to us for a repair/maintenance estimate. In many cases, we can provide an estimate for most routine service items, but in some instances we will need to inspect the equipment prior to providing an estimate. A copy of the form should also be included with your equipment.

Notice: There is a Mandatory Pre-Service Inspection Charge of $25.00 on all equipment received for service (excludes I&R)

Service FAQ

  • What do I need to provide Rigging Innovations for help?
    In order to provide the best service, you will need to provide the model of the container (Voodoo, Talon FS, etc), serial number, and date of manufacture. Need help finding this information? Find it in the document section!
  • I have a problem with my new harness/container, what do I do?
    Contact us with the information required above. This may be via email, fax or phone.
  • Can I order a new harness/container direct from the factory?
    RI has a dealer network to provide sales and service. RI will be happy to answer questions that the dealer may not have on hand.
  • What do I do if I want to change something on my order?
    Provided your order has NOT been processed for production, we will be happy to make changes. This would normally have to be done within 10 days of your order being placed with RI. You must contact your Dealer, this ensures that when we send your completed order, the dealer will have the current changes that you requested.
  • Can I buy replacement parts directly from the factory? 
    Yes, the information above must be provided at the time of placing your order.
  • How long does it take to get replacement parts?
    Delivery of parts will vary depending on the model. Models more than 5 years old will take longer. Our usual delivery on parts is 7-10 days (excluding shipping).
  • What do I do if my harness/container needs repair?
    RI has a full service loft for repair and maintenance of our products. You must complete the Service Request Form. This form must accompany your equipment. Check with RI before shipping your gear so that we can inform you as to what we need based on the type of rig repair/service required. (This may save $$ on shipping costs)
  • Can I have my harness/container repacked at the factory?
    Yes, RI provides repair and maintenance for all modern parachute systems. Complete the Service Request Form. This form must accompany your equipment.
  • What method of payment can I use when I order?
    All service/repair costs require payment prior to shipping. RI accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Useful Information

Rigger v Packers

In today's jumping environment, it has become commonplace for many jumpers to use professional packers to pack their main canopy instead of packing themselves. DZ operators love this as it allows jumpers to make more jumps. The down side is that the equipment doesn't usually get any interim inspections between repacks. Many small problems can be avoided if caught in time. At the very least, the jumper should pack their own rig after the last jump of the weekend. Take your time and give everything a good-look over paying particular attention to the canopy, steering lines, collapsible bridle and main pilot chute. If anything unusual shows up, have your rigger inspect it and give their professional opinion. 

About Container/Canopy Volumes

Did you know that where you jump has an affect on how your canopy packs? Rigs packed in Florida (humid) and Europe pack smaller than Arizona or Southern California (dry).

RI is generally conservative when sizing containers. If the container is a little soft, it usually is not a problem. However, if it is too small and tight, either the owner or their packer is not going to like packing it. If you pack your own rig and want the smallest container possible, RI can accommodate your needs. 

If you know the size of the container you want, you may specify this on the order form. However, RI will not be responsible if the canopies do not fit.