Reserve Bag Update
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Wednesday, January 1, 1997
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Prior to May 1, 1992 the reserve bags manufactured by Rigging Innovations were made from F-111 type fabric with 1" TY-3 tape reinforcing. Its P/N was 2111-( ) and was refered to as our MK-1 bag. During April 1992, the reserve bag was redesigned as P/N 2113-( ) and refered to as the MK-3 bag. It incorporated the following:

  1. Use of 200 denier oxford cloth fabric for greater strength and ease of manufacture.
  2. The top of the bag has a triangular yoke to spread the load more evenly.
  3. The re-designed line stow pocket holds the lines more securely and feeds more evenly during deployment. It also adds more room for the lines.
  4. Bridle assist pockets were added to assist in the event of a horseshoe malfunction.
  5. The Safety Stow was shortened to work better with the newer, narrower container configurations.
  6. The color was standardized to orange for better visibility.

See the service bulletin file for more information.

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