At long last, we are announcing that production of the MOJO Mard will commence on June 1st, 2018! We sent our dealers a heads up, and are including the announcement at the bottom of the home page. It’s been a long haul but we think our customers will be happy with the results. We view the design of the MOJO as the next generation of Mard designs, which began with the Skyhook many years ago. One thing that was not mentioned in the announcement is that each MOJO system, whether original installation or retrofit, will include a free MOJO T-shirt to show off to your friends.


2Last week we announced a special product offer to our dealers, and we are now announcing it to you! We are offering a matching daypack or gear bag with the purchase of a Curv or CPX container if you order before the 1st of July. The gear bag is a new item for us, and the day pack has been making appearances here and there. We think either of these will be a great addition. If you already have a rig, they are sold for $130. The day pack order form can be found by clicking "Documents" under the "Support" tab and the gear bag order form will be available shortly.

3 We have seen increased demand for the VC4 and VC5 CURV sizes, and we have identified a need for a shorter platform to fit short stature individuals. Accordingly, we have begun working on a shorter container size like that of the Vc2. We are calling it the “Short Vc4” for lack of a better name right now, and it will hold a Sabre 2 190 main and OP-176 reserve. It is not our intent to chase every uniquely sized person, but after polling some of our dealers, they feel this is needed. We don't have a completion date for this but, It will have a priority. Along with the short Vc4, we have been working on two other sized containers: The Vc6 and the Vc7. The Vc6 will hold 210, 9-cell, mains and PR-193/OP-218 reserves. The Vc7 will fit 230, 9 cell, mains and PR-218/OP-235 reserves. Both should be available in the near future.

Sandy Reid