“Inquiring Minds want to Know”…. What’s happening with the introduction of the new MOJO MARD?


As most of you who have been waiting for the MOJO know, we have posted projected production start times in the past only to see the timeline slide. For anyone in manufacturing whether it be the parachute industry or Boeing Aircraft, bringing a new product on line can be a long and drawn out process. With both of the above industries, we are dealing with the lives of our friends and customers and we want to make sure that the final product meets MORE than the minimums required by the testing and certification process.

We have completed our initial round of acceptance testing, including a number of impromptu demonstration jumps into the main landing area at Skydive Arizona (see photo of Karl Lips-Eakins by Bruce Griffith above). We are pleased with the results, and are moving towards finalizing the design and establishing production processes. The MOJO will be fully retrofitable to all RI rigs currently in production, with no changes to the container itself and only small changes to the reserve bag and bridle. We will be posting updates as we get closer to beginning production.

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