REMINDER: Talon 1 and Telesis 1 are no longer supported. Effective date of November 1st, 2016.

MOJO Packing instructions are posted! Find them in the "documents" page of the "support" drop-down list or click here.

There are three types of rigs
Bricks, boards and
If all they do is copy us
Your body has CURVES

Delivery time: 6 - 8 weeks (effective 10/15/18)

News from Rigging Innovations.

The MOJO is here! New Curv for the vertically challanged, and new Curvs for 200+ sized canopies.

Here is a break-down of it all.....


2017 marked the 32nd anniversary of Rigging Innovations. What began in 1985 as a dream and vision of what I envisioned a modern skydiving harness and container to be, has culminated in what I believe to be the most advanced harness and container design in the world today..

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