Welcome to the new Rigging Innovations website. It’s been a long time coming but we now have a solid base to build on to provide our dealers, customers, supporters and anyone interested in Rigging Innovations and our products with the latest information and support. We have several topics to post so let me begin.


Rigging Innovations has been working on overhauling our administrative and production processes in order to have faster response times and in particular shorter production times. This includes more staff and an overhaul of our production facility and layout.

These changes and upgrades should allow us to provide shorter delivery times for our regular orders as well as allow for production of stock rigs AND open up production slots for a certain amount of rush rigs. We’ll monitor the next month to see how the changes affect our production flow and then post our schedule.

2The MOJO Mard. As most of you who have been waiting for the MOJO know, we have posted projected production start times in the past only to see the timeline slide. For anyone in manufacturing whether it be the parachute industry or Boeing Aircraft, bringing a new product on line can be a long and drawn out process. With both of the above industries, we are dealing with the lives of our friends and customers and we want to make sure that the final product meets MORE than the minimums required by the testing and certification process.

We have completed our initial round of acceptance testing, including a number of impromptu demonstration jumps into the main landing area at Skydive Arizona (see the photo of Karl Lips-Eakins by Bruce Griffith below). We are pleased with the results, and are moving towards finalizing the design and establishing production processes. The MOJO will be fully retrofitable to all RI rigs currently in production, with no changes to the container itself and only small changes to the reserve bag and bridle. We will be posting updates as we get closer to beginning production.


3 Start of the TSO C23f certification for all RI products. Beginning in the next week or so, RI will be producing the Curv, CPX and Telesis 4.0 under the latest FAA Technical Standard Order C23f. What does this mean to the average skydiver or DZO? It means that these products have met the latest testing requirements in regards an increase in the maximum operating weight to 325#/148 KG. This will allow for heavier students and military jumpers to safely jump our systems. In addition, it specifically includes the MARD into the certification system.

 The addition of a Dealer sub-section on the webpage will allow us to distribute dealer only information so that they are kept up to date regarding issues specific to them.


In our product support section, we will have new Owners Manuals for the CURV and CPX which will be followed by the Telesis 4.0. These manuals will be in formats to support all current media devices.


All of the above is only the beginning of a new era here at RI. You will continue to see new changes and additions to our website as well as our FB page. We welcome comments, praise and yes criticisms if you have them. Like our product designs, we only know if we’re doing the right thing if our customers tell us. If we’re not, we want to know so we can fix it. This is going to be the “Year of the CURV” and we want you to be part of it.

Sandy Reid