Rigging Innovations is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of parachute harness and container systems for skydiving, military, and emergency parachute systems. RI currently builds 3 systems for experienced skydivers, a student training system, a pilot emergency system, and a Military Freefall Instructor system.

CURV 2.0

The CURV 2.0 is the flagship of the Rigging Innovations product line and is the most technically advanced skydiving system in the world. The CURV 2.0 is the 4th generation of what began with the Talon 1 in 1985, to the Flexon and the invention of the articulated harness in 1992, through the radically aerodynamic Voodoo in 2000, and now has culminated in the most aerodynamic and ergonomic container system ever. Mating the Bio Yoke and Bio Curv back pad container designs with the latest generation articulated harness, results in a system the makes all others obsolete, including our previous RI designs. The adaptability of these two concepts is without a doubt the most comfortable rig you will ever jump. The new RI MOJO Mard system is available as an option or can be easily retrofitted without any modification to the harness and container.


The CPX is a most remarkable rig. Rigging Innovations was the first company to design a Classic Style and Accuracy piggyback system in 1989. That design, named the Talon Classic, was the first of 4 generations of S&A designs. The ergonomic designs developed for the CURV are perfectly suited for the larger canopy volumes needed for modern Accuracy canopies and the new low volume/bulk reserve canopies. The Bio Yoke harness concept, combined with the Bio Curv ergonomic back pad, provide an amazing degree of comfort and position on the back allowing for a more vertical suspension angle during the approach to the target. Choices of two different harness leg strap configurations, along with a variety of component design choices, allow for a personalized fit and feel for your individual accuracy techniques. The MOJO Mard is available as an option.

Telesis 4.0

The Telesis family of student training systems has proven itself the most popular system sold in the world today. The Telesis 3.0 is the latest version and incorporates all the experience and advancements developed over the last 19 years of designing and building student systems. The Telesis and Telesis 2 were the systems of choice for both AFF jumps made by former President George H. W. Bush.


The Aviator Pilot Emergency Parachute system is the first emergency parachute system designed from the beginning to utilize modern Ram-Air parachute technology as a standard configuration. The canopy is available in 4 different sizes to accommodate various weights and experience. The container is built in several planform sizes to fit most cockpit and seat configurations. The harness is built in a standard adjustable design to accommodate multiple pilots or a custom non-adjustable Sport model for the ultimate in fit, form and function in high-performance aircraft. Various hardware and back pad designs are also available.