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Sponsored Athletes

Rigging Innovations is proud of its sponsored athletes!


Alex Swindle

        Alex has logged over 2600 jumps since starting in 2009, calling Skydive Arizona home. He earned his AFF, Tandem, and Phoenix-Fly Wingsuit Coach ratings in 2012 and tries to use all 3 as much as possible. Most of his time is spent training with 4-way FS team Arizona Defiance after competing at Nationals in 2012 and 2015, with the occasional chance to do some XRW, student, and camera jumps. He's been jumping Rigging Innovations containers since jump 400 and absolutely loves his Curvs.
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Chris Dare

        Chris Dare started skydiving in 2013 at Skydive Elsinore and since has logged 2000 jumps and over a hundred hours of tunnel! With such a short time in the sport Chris has achieved a lot in skydiving. Chris has competed in the 2014 Nationals in 4 way RW and most recently 2015 Nationals 2 way MFS advanced where he won third place with his team Elsinore Hawks. Chris also earned is AFF instructor rating and works as an instructor and videographer. After recently retiring from the Marine Corps, Chris has become a tunnel instructor and currently works iFly Ontario CA. Chris continues to work and train with his teammates at Skydive Elsinore getting ready for Nationals!
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Mike "Friday" Friedman

        Friday has over 4000 jumps and over 600 hours of tunnel time. He spends his time working at SkyVenture Arizona, instructing at Skydive Arizona and working with his four way VFS team "Drive". He is proud to be a part of the Rigging Innovations team.
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