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Rigging Innovations' Dealers

New Dealers

Interested parties who would like to apply for a Dealership with Rigging Innovations are requested to complete a Dealer Application and Dealer Agreement. The forms may be emailed to

Dealer Requirements

All Dealers in the RI Dealer Network must have email capability. All communications from RI will be via email. This includes Sales Order Confirmation, Invoices, Price Lists and Dealer Updates.

Annual Activity To maintain an RI Dealership, a minimum of 3 Harness and Container orders are required per year. The period is based on a Calendar year's activity. (January - December).

Dealer NamePhoneWeb SiteAddress
Action Air Parachutes530-753-2650
Davis, CA
Air Rigging+31630420230
Apeldoorn, Netherlands
AUV, LLC / Yin Yu773-648-0651
Black Market Rigging+66 8802 48957
Chuting Star 770-445-4000
Marietta, Georgia
Crete Rigging Corner 402-310-9748
Lincoln, Nebraska
Daedalus+49 36920 717878
Eden North 780-489-9000
Alberta, Canada
Fallschirmdepot +49-80417-0319
Fly Your Body+33-685-635017