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Telesis 3.0


       The Telesis 3.0 is the third generation of the Telesis student training system.

Beginning in 1988 with the original design, the Telesis system has become the #1 best selling student training system in the world. It has set the standard by which all others aspire to.

The following are areas where the Telesis excels:

  • The highest quality- RI is known for it’s legendary quality.
  • Rugged and durable.
  • Each generation has been technically more advanced than the competition.
  • Easy to use - Simple and easy for the student to operate.
  • Rigger friendly - Not just a saying but true. One of the simplest systems to pack and maintain.
  • Cost effective, they last long and are easy to maintain.
  • 4 different sizes means that there is a size for all sizes of individuals and canopy combinations.
The Telesis 3.0 is built in 6 different sizes to accommodate all of today’s canopy combinations. The smaller TS1 and TS2 are designed for very small individuals and also for use as transition systems in downsizing to smaller canopies during the training course. The largest size, the TS6 is designed for main and reserve canopies in the 300 sq ft range.

The Telesis 3.0 adjustable articulated harness configuration has been certified under TSO C23c and is rated at 254 lbs max weight and 150 knots. The load forces measured, have been in excess of 6700 lbs.

The Container

  • Highlights include:
  • Reserve pin protector flap has a replaceable transparent window for jumpmaster checks
  • Cypres window is located at the top of the container for easy accessibility
  • Reserve side deployment handle insures easy access during AFF training jumps
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  • Highlights include:
  • V-Flex leg straps stay firmly in place and provides superior comfort under canopy
  • Adjustable horizontal back strap keeps the container from shifting in freefall

Building your Student System for your Operation

  • The harness and container is provided with all the component parts of the reserve and main.
  • To complete your package, you must "add" the cost of the main deployment parts for the type of training used at your drop zone.
  • For Example: If your training is AFF-BOC only, the price of the AFF-BOC parts must be added to the base price of the Telesis.

Note About Training Applications

  • If your training includes both "Free fall" with a main spring pilotchute and AFF-BOC the container can only be set up with ONE type of Main Over-ride Deployment (MOD) handle for the "off-side" jumpmaster.
  • You may choose either the MOD pillow handle for use with the spring pilotchute or the MOD loop handle for the throw-out pilotchute. The MOD handles are not interchangeable or compatible with either types of deployment.