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Talon FX

What's New On The Talon FX

        The Talon FX is a highly refined and polished upgrade to the Talon FS. Some of the design features immediately stand out and make for a cleaner and smoother look overall. In addition, there are numerous internal and construction changes that make it easier to pack and maintain as well as offer up to date safety improvements. The Talon FX offers these design changes as well as Stainless Steel hardware and Space foam as standard for one all inclusive price.

The Container

  • Highlights include:
  • New design allows for a tighter fit over the shoulders
  • Different sewing techniques create a smooth look and better fit
  • Space foam leads to superior comfort


  • Highlights include:
  • The “V-flex” leg strap design stays in place and molds itself to the upper leg
  • The double wide leg strap, along with the Space foam padding, provides unparalleled comfort.