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       The CPX accuracy harness and container system is the latest evolution of the Rigging Innovations Talon Classic first developed for the US Army Parachute Team Golden Knights in 1988. With major design input from Bill Jackson, the Talon Classic was the first piggyback system specifically designed to accommodate the large volume accuracy canopies and small to midsize ram air reserve canopies. RI continued to improve the system in 1995 as the Classic Pro and again in 2003 as the Classic Pro 3.0.

       The time has come once more to advance harness and container technology needed for world class accuracy competition, and again RI has answered the call with revolutionary and innovative design concepts.

The Harness

Highlights include:
  • Suspends the jumper in the optimum position for the approach to the target.
  • Design for better leg movement during the final approach.
  • Stainless steel mini ring hardware standard


The Container

Highlights include:
  • Bio Curv backpad to “conform” to the curve of the human back.
  • Main container pin protector flap secured with a magnetic closure system.
  • The “Bio-Yoke” configuration to for greater over all support.


Bonus Features

Highlights include:
  • Integrated hook knife
  • "Sure-Grip" handles
  • Swivel pilot chute



       With 23 years of design and manufacturing experience of competition accuracy systems behind them, Rigging Innovations has again developed the ultimate harness and container system for world class accuracy competition.

       As proven with the invention and adoption of the Articulated harness design which is now the standard in the world, the latest configurations of the CPX will set the standard for Accuracy harness and container systems for the foreseeable future.