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P-124 Aviator



       The P-124 Aviator Emergency Parachute System is the first major The P-124 Aviator is the culmination of the efforts of Precision Aerodynamics and Rigging Innovations Inc. With excellence in their respective areas of expertise, Precision designed the parachute and Rigging Innovations the specialized harness and container system. Together, the complementary components combine to produce a system that is lightweight, comfortable, simple to use, and provides a degree of safety and performance unmatched by existing round parachute systems.

The Canopy

  • Highlights include:
  • Available in several sizes to optimize performance under various wing loadings
  • Shape allows for rapid inflation coupled with docile handling characteristics

The Container & Harness

  • Highlights include:
  • Transparent protector flap allows for quick visual inspection of the reserve pin
  • Design allows for maximum comfort to the wearer and minimum wear on the system
  • Adjust-A-Tab™ harness allows for quick symmetrical adjustment without excess straps getting in the way


  • Highlights include:
  • Utilizes smaller canopies derived from skydiving reserve canopies to provide greater maneuverability and smaller pack volume
  • Harness is custom built to the user


  • Weighs less than 17 lbs. for the largest models
  • Easy to fit and don.
  • Requires minimal special training course
  • The System comes complete with all component parts and matching carry bag